365 ecs now offers daycare staffing
365 ECS can meet your short & long-term substitute and permanent teacher needs.

We cater to programs ranging from infant centers to kindergartens needing teachers, assistant teachers and teacher’s aides. 365 ECS is here to serve public, private, religious and Montessori programs.
Why Use a Daycare Staffing Service?
Try 365 ECS and see how we can help solve one of your biggest headaches as an owner or director.
If any of the following situations seem familiar to you, your troubles could be over with one call.

Dependable access to on-demand child care staff eliminates the bigger worries

Avoid having to sub in the classroom yourself

Save on payroll taxes, workers' compensation & benefits costs

Avoid administrative and payroll headaches

Reduce turnover by not overworking your staff

Easily stay in compliance with staff -to-student ratios

Switch-out under-performing staff with ease

365 ECS Daycare Staffing
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We only bill for the hours of coverage.