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Vetting Process

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For starters…  

We focus on targeting our recruiting efforts at candidates in six primary groups:

1 – Teachers

2 – Camp counselors/leaders

3 – Nurses

4 – College students (preferably those studying education, art, or early childhood development) 

5 – Professional nannies

6 – Sitters trusted by parents in our network

The individuals tend to have extra skills and a proven record of commitment to providing excellent child care.

Now to the application..

Next, the candidate fills out our online application and provides a profile and written bio, all of which come together to provide a basic picture of the candidate. All profiles are reviewed by our team, and we reserve the right to decline any candidate who doesn’t present him or herself as a high-quality care provider


Each and every interview is conducted in person by the founder or someone on the recruiting team. We take this opportunity to feel the energy and overall persona of the applicant.   

Beyond the average background check..  

Our rigorous background vetting process is more than just a basic commercial background check. This process is intended to determine not only whether the candidate has ever committed a crime – but, just as important, whether they’re ever likely to.

First, we obtain an in-depth background check, consisting of:

  • National Criminal Search 
  • County-level Criminal Search 
  • 50-State Sex Offender Search 
  • Global Watch list Search   


We are notified on an ongoing basis of any changes in our sitters’ records. If anything comes up, we suspend or remove the care provider from our team.

Once a candidate has successfully completed the background check process, they’re invited to complete our on-boarding training. This training consists of lessons on 365 ECS’s philosophy, safety knowledge, childcare knowledge and emergency response. 

We strongly believe the cutting-edge bio-metric technology used by our third-party background check provider offers a higher degree of vetting than any other product available – and certainly much more than online childcare platform offers (including the ones you have to pay extra for!).